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Based in the Netherlands, DRU is the market leader of high quality and luxury stoves and dru gas fires throughout Europe. Nothing quite beats enjoying the unique flame picture and glow of a designer DRU gas fire that not only offers a high output of heat but also a designer focal point for your home.

Dru  Fires offer a unique collection of gas fires that are suitable for any home! The design team is continually advancing the design aesthetics with innovative new features and design methods. DRU have set new standards within the gas fire industry with exclusive collections that are available in a wide range of sizes.

Affordable, modern and practical gas fires with slim or wide profiles, various sizes, shapes or capacities create the perfect combination for modern living with all the advantages you would expect from a modern DRU fire.

History of DRU

With a sales contract signed between Johan Baptist van den Bergh and local entrepreneurs in Ulft, the Netherlands in 1754 heralded the beginning of a company that is still operating to this day. Starting out as a blast furnace developing products such as pots and pans that are still well known today the development and range of products have grown to include Dru Gas Fires and Dru Wall Heaters. DRU is one of the oldest industrial companies in the Netherlands.